5 Foods That Increase Breast Size Quickly

5 Foods That Increase Breast Size Quickly

Are you looking to grow your bust naturally at home? Did you know that surgery is not the only way of getting bigger boobs? There are, in fact, a series of natural and healthy methods that can help you increase your bra size at home! Food is a key tool in providing us with the hormones and nutrients that our bodies need. In addition, some foods can help us make our breasts look bigger and more voluptuous.

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Foods that increase breast size naturally

The first thing we need to clarify is that breast sizes vary depending on an individual’s genetic structure. So, if you are naturally small in size, don’t expect a massive growth in bust size just because you eat these below listed foods. What you can expect however, are more erect and slightly perkier breasts.

In addition to genetics, breast size has a direct relationship with a body’s hormone functioning. This is why if a woman generally generates too much testosterone in the body, her breasts will tend to be smaller. Therefore, we need to look at foods which can increase estrogen, the female hormone, in the body.

Therefore, below we will offer you a complete list with all those foods to increase bust that you can start to include in your diet to increase your breast size. In addition, we recommend that you also consider these home remedies so you can get the results you are looking for.

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Foods that boost breast size: fruit

To begin with, we’ll be looking at fruits for bigger breasts:

  • Plums.
  • Apples.
  • Strawberries.
  • Cherries.

Plums and apples help to control hormones and are able to manage testosterone production. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which inhibits estrogen release.

Cherries and strawberries contribute to estrogen production and, therefore, consuming them daily will aid in increasing breast size. In addition, it is essential that you also eat the skins of these fruits, which is where most of their nutritional content resides. For more, we recommend taking a look at our top tips for breast enhancement.

How to increase breast size naturally at home: vegetables

There are some vegetable that are ideal in helping to grow breast size naturally at home. Green leafy vegetables , in particular, are highly recommended for women trying to improve breast tissue health. Some varieties of these vegetables include spinach, artichokes and lettuce.

Avocado is another great vegetable to help increase breast size. But why? Avocado contains 10 essential amino acids that stimulate mammary gland growth. Therefore, we recommend including avocado into your diet to improve both the appearance and volume of your breasts.

Fennel rich in flavonoids and, also stimulate the growth of breast tissue. The same goes for cabbage, also very rich in flavonoids. For more about how to increase breast size naturally, we suggest taking a look at our article where we look at the best essential oils to increase breast size naturally.

Foods that increase breast size naturally: protein

Proteins are also an essential nutrient recommended when trying to improve breast appearance and size. Proteins help to grow muscle mass and, therefore, if consumed will help make your bust look firmer, fuller and, therefore, bigger. In any case, it is essential that for these foods to have desired effect, you should combine your diet with these exercises to increase the breast size and work out the pectoral muscle.

Among all of these protein-rich foods we must highlight chicken, a type of meat ideal in achieving results. Chicken offer the body fibroestrogens, a type of female hormone that help to develop breast tissue. In addition, it is also very rich in protein and low in fat, so it is very healthy.

Nuts and peanuts are also some recommended foods to increase bust size. These nuts provide us with a large amount of vegetable proteins. In addition, they are also rich in healthy fats, great for tissue health.

Another food which is rich in vegetable proteins and suitable for breast size enhancement is soy and all products derived from this ingredient. Soy is made up of a high load of phytoestrogens, we recommend consuming roughly 200 grams of soy a day.

Increase breast size with food: whole grains

Whole grains are also a great food to consume if you want to increase breast size naturally at home. Whole grains such as barley, wheat and brown rice are grains known to control testosterone production. Therefore, these grains help to regulate the presence of this male hormone, allowing your inner estrogen to bloom!

We recommend consuming whole grains 3 times a week to benefit from its high contribution of phytosterols, vitamins and minerals, all ideal to increase bust size! In addition, you can also opt for cereals with soy or almond milk for lasting effect.

Increase breast size naturally with seeds

There are 2 seed varieties you cannot forget to include into your diet if you’re looking to make your breast bigger naturally! The 2 seed types for fuller breasts include:

  • Sunflower seeds: are rich in proteins and healthy fats which, when combined with exercise, can help increase chest muscle. Do not exceed more than a handful of sunflower seeds a day as, when consumed in large amounts, can cause weight gain.
  • Flax seeds: are rich in phytoestrogens which are plant female sex hormones that can improve breast volume. We recommend eating a MAXIMUM of 3 tablespoons a day.

Increase breast size: breast health

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