10 Ways To Use Baby Powder You Probably Didn't Know About

10 Ways To Use Baby Powder You Probably Didn't Know About

Talcum powder is not just for babies. This common bathroom product can do much more than simply prevent nappy rash. In fact, it has so many uses that you probably didn't know about, not just as a beauty product for your skin and hair, but also around your home!

From keeping your pets smelling fresh to removing stains from your favorite clothing, baby powder or talcum powder is a truly fantastic product with a myriad of uses within the home. In many cases, talcum powder can be used in place of more expensive products and will do just as good a job. Talcum powder is so versatile and and useful for many things in your everyday life. You'll be left open-mouthed!

How To Use Talcum Powder To Repel Ants

Baby powder is an excellent repellent against ants and other insect pests. Simply sprinkle a little powder around the window panes, in the cracks on the floors, or wherever these pests crawl around your home. Ants cannot walk in baby powder so it will prevent these little creatures from entering your home. This is an ideal alternative to chemical products, particularly important when used around food. Baby powder is just as effective as ant poison, without all the nasty chemicals.

Use Talcum Powder To Remove Stains From Clothing

Baby powder is ideal to help keep your favourite clothes looking brand new, by removing grease marks. If you drop fat or oil on an item of clothing, simply sprinkle a pinch of powder on the stain and rub well with a cloth. Then simply shake away the remaining powder. Repeat until all traces of oil or grease are removed and wash the item of clothing as you would normally. The baby powder will absorb the grease from clothes and prevent leaving a nasty stain.

Remove Mold From Books With Talcum Powder

If you have books that have become mouldy or mildewy because they were stored in a damp place, talcum powder is the ideal remedy! It can remove this pesky, destructive mould and help to preserve your old books. The technique is simple: First, let the book dry in a cool place, leaving the pages open horizontally, i.e. place the book upright.

Once the pages are dry, sprinkle some baby powder between each of the pages. Put the book back upright for hours or even, depending on how damp the book is, days. When you see that the talc absorbs all of the remaining moisture, brush the powder away (we recommend wearing a mask and doing this outdoors).

Using Talcum Powder as a Dry Shampoo

Baby powder is perfect as a dry shampoo. Simply sprinkle it on a comb and comb through hair, from the roots downwards. Talc removes greasiness from hair and scalp, leaving it looking freshly washed. Obviously, talc does not compare to washing your hair with shampoo but it certainly helps when you're short on time or when you haven't got access to a shower.

It can also be used to remove grease from cats' or dogs' coats and keep your pet smelling fresh.

How to Prevent Chafing With Talcum Powder

Usually, during the warmer summer months, one can experience chafing.

Putting baby powder in the affected area can remove- and avoid - this painful and annoying reaction by keeping the skin smooth. Talc is also ideal for athletes, keeping chafing-prone areas such as the inner thighs smooth and pain-free during physical activity and sweating.

How to Use Talcum Powder With Rubber Gloves

If you tend to use rubber gloves for cleaning or other tasks, you can make it much easier to put them on and take them off by simply sprinkling a little talc inside them. This will stop your gloves from sticking to clammy hands. It's simple: the baby powder helps remove moisture, which is what makes rubber or latex gloves difficult to put on/remove. With baby powder inside the gloves, your fingers should slide in and out of them easily, without sticking.

Use Talcum Powder to Freshen-up Drawers and Cupboards

If your drawers or cupboards are a little on the damp side, use some talc to freshen them up. Just sprinkle a little in a bowl or dish and leave it in the cupboard or drawer. Baby powder's 'dehumidifying' properties makes it perfect for breathing new life into old drawers or cupboards and keeping them smelling fresh.

Use Talcum Powder to Restore Old Carpets

Is your vacuum cleaner alone falling short of getting all the dirt and smells out of your carpet? Hoovering might remove surface dirt, but leaves mold and bad odor to fester. To leave a carpet like new, after hoovering, apply a significant amount of talcum powder to the carpet and rub with a stiff bristle brush.

Leave the talc on for a few days, making sure that it stays dry and untouched.

Finally, hoover up the talcum powder from the carpet and stand back at how fresh and clean your carpet is! Even pungent smells such as cigarette smoke or mold will have disappeared.

Soothe Dry Skin Using Talcum Powder

Baby powder can also be used as a moisturizer to soothe dry skin. If you have very dry skin on your feet, elbows, or any other area, simply sprinkle a bit of talc onto the area to leave your skin smoother and less irritated. This a great solution for cracked heels and other skin irritations.

After all, baby powder is designed for babies skin!

Get Rid of Sand With Talcum Powder

If you're lucky enough to go to the beach this summer, be sure to take along some baby powder. Baby powder can be used to remove sand that collects on your body after a day at the beach. Just put a little powder on anyone who is covered in sand after a day of fun at the beach and see how easily the sand is removed. Of course, you will still need to wash everything off with a shower but the job will be much easier.

Give Volume To Your Eyelashes With Talcum Powder

Before applying mascara, add a tiny amount of baby powder onto your lashes. Your lashes will be left looking voluminous and full. Incidentally, you can use talcum powder to set your makeup. By removing facial oil, baby powder helps keep makeup intact all day or all night. And again, it smells amazing!

Use Talcum Powder as an Aftershave

Baby powder is a great aftershave for men and women alike. Not only it is a bit cheaper than some aftershaves, it also work s just as well and smells wonderful. After shaving your face or legs just sprinkle some baby powder on the shaven area and rub a little. Baby powder has natural cooling properties that will eliminate any irritation that may have been caused by saving and will leave the skin as soft as silk. It is also perfect for sensitive skin. If you regularly experience a shaving rash due to sensitive skin, talcum powder will help to calm it and to leave skin less irritated.

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